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Restaurants in Johnson City, TX

Johnson City is located in the state of Texas, in the county of Blanco. There are just over a thousand people in this beautiful hilly town. However, the city of Johnson City has a lot of amazing attractions for tourists to explore.

If you are exploring Johnson City, you might want to find the best places to eat in the Johnson City. You can find many top-rated restaurants in Johnson City, Texas where you can eat well for a reasonable price. In this guide, you’ll find a complete list of the best places to eat in Johnson City.

Our Top 6 Picks

BEST Restaurants in Johnson City, Texas

1. Hot Mess Pizza & Grill

Hot Mess Pizza and Grill restaurant in Johnson City, Texas

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There is a great pizza truck in Johnson City, TX that you should try when you’re in town. Hot Mess Pizza & Grill includes Artisan Pizzas, Grilled and Hot Fried items that are sure to satisfy everyone. You can choose from various toppings or fillings for your pizza or calzone. There is something for everyone at this cute little place. It takes only a few minutes to place an order; they will call you when it’s ready for you to run a quick errand. The large size pie is perfect for families with three kids. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and you can relax while enjoying your pizza.

2. Bryan's on 290

Bryan's on 290 Restaurant in Johnson City, Texas

Among the top-rated restaurants in Johnson City, Texas, Bryans On 290 is one of the best. If you find yourself in this small town, you should definitely check it out. The food is seasonal and prepared fresh to order. 

There is nothing you can fault about the food, which is perfectly seasoned and prepared. Among the delicious meals, you can order at Bryans is the half chicken with mac & cheese and barbecue chicken with garlic butter-infused sweet potatoes. The restaurant has an excellent atmosphere and offers excellent food at a reasonable price. They are also welcome dogs to join you at outdoor tables during your meal.

3. Lady Bird Lane Cafe

Lady Bird Lane Cafe in Johnson City, Texas

The menu at Lady Bird Lane is filled with plenty of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. There is nothing better than grilled sandwiches and perfectly cooked tomato basil soup at The Lady Bird Lane Cafe in Johnson City, Texas. Guests can sit indoors and outdoors at Lady Bird Lane Café. Guests are welcomed by cool staff at this spot, and the service is exceptional at this restaurant in Johnson City, Texas.

4. Proof and Cooper at The Lumberyard

If you’ve been to Hill Country Science Mill, you should visit the Proof and Cooper at The Lumberyard. You can enjoy perfectly cooked chicken tenders, fried mushrooms, and fried pickles, and some of the best burgers in town at this restaurant in Johnson City, Texas. It will be hard to forget good craft beer or good wine that you can drink there. There are also some excellent barbecue options. This restaurant has the best brisket and jalapeno cheese sausage. You will enjoy the idyllic ambiance and the spectacular decor.

5. Hye Thai

Hye Tai Restaurant in Johnson City, Texas

Hye Thai is a Thai restaurant located just a few minutes west of Johnson City. You can enjoy both red and green curry, pad thai, and shrimp fried rice at Hye Tai. The menu includes vegan and vegetarian options for everyone. You can also taste delicious wines at this restaurant. Seating at Hye Tai is available both indoors and outdoors. Hye Thai is notable for its excellent service, and most guests find the staff accommodating.

6. El Charro Restaurant

El Charro Restaurant in Johnson City, Texas

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Johnson City’s El Charro is the place to go when you’re craving Mexican food. This restaurant in Johnson City serves one of best Mexican cuisines in town. The food here is excellent, especially the taquitos, chicken enchiladas, and chicken fajitas that are nicely cooked. 

You can also try the delicious pancakes at El Charro. Known for its friendly staff and great service, this place is always ready to assist you. If you pass through town, you should stop by and have a great time. They have excellent cuisine for a reasonable price. It is really what you need after a long day at work to relax in such a pleasant atmosphere. In Google, the restaurant has received 4.3 stars.

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in Johnson City, Texas

7. Fat Boy Burgers

Fat Boy Burgers in Johnson City, Texas

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When Fat Boy Burgers opened in 2007, their mission was to create the best burger. The finest ingredients and the love of the craft make these burgers very delicious. There are delicious blue cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, and onion strings on the menu. Moreover, you can enjoy a nice banana pudding with your friends here. Visitors to Fat Boy Burgers restaurant in Johnson City, Texas, feel relaxed and have a wonderful time thanks to its cozy atmosphere. The service at Fat Boy Burgers is highly regarded, and this restaurant provides exceptional service.

8. El Agave

El Agave mexican restaurant in Johnson City, Texas

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If you’re looking for Mexican food in the Texas Hill Country, look no further. There is no better place to eat Mexican food in town than El Agave. Besides burritos and enchiladas, they also offer different types of seafood and soups. El Agave is also a nice place to meet with friends and enjoy tasty quesadillas, corn tortillas, and chicken enchiladas. 

The most frequently ordered drinks at this restaurant are margaritas, wine, and beer. El Agave offers a cozy environment for guests to relax after a hard day of work. This restaurant’s courteous staff goes the extra mile to make their customers feel at home.

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When you explore this beautiful city in the hill country of Texas, you must have some good places where you can eat food. On our list of the best restaurants in Johnson City, we have the best Mexican restaurants, cafes, and even a Thai restaurant. Check out other places in Johnson City, Texas down below!

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